Concord New Energy Group has established an organizational and management system for practices of social responsibility and environmental protection, covering various levels from the Board of Directors and management to functional departments and business units, while providing organizational and systemic guarantees for the implementation of the corporate philosophy through constant checks and improvements in practice. The Group's Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Group's ESG strategy, oversees ESG related issues and is ultimately responsible for ESG issues.
ESG Committee
Evaluating and determining ESG-related risks and opportunities; Ensuring that appropriate and effective ESG risk management and internal control systems are in place; Setting the ESG management approach, strategy, priorities and objectives; Reviewing the performance periodically against ESG-related goals and targets; and Approving disclosures in the ESG report.
ESG Steering Group
Assisting the ESG Committee in implementation of ESG work and report ESG related matters to the ESG Committee; Guiding and supervising the implementation of specific ESG work and listening to reports from the Working Group.
ESG Working Group
Carrying out and promoting specific ESG tasks under the guidance of ESG Steering Group.