The Group encourages a positive attitude at work and in life, pays close attention to occupational health and safety, and supports employees’ career advancement. A variety of corporate events are organized, including the annual company party, sports clubs, brisk walking, spring outing and sports day, to promote employee communication, enhance the sense of belonging, increase employee happiness and productivity, and build team cohesion.

Annual Party
At the end of each year, all employees gather together for the Group’s annual party that reflects on the past and looks forward to the future, celebrates the Group's achievements, recognizes employees for good performance, promotes team bonding, and motivates employees to continue to exert themselves in the new year.

International Children's Day
Parent-child activities are organized on Children's Day, during which employees and their children are invited to events designed to promote parent-child interaction.

Mid-Autumn Festival
On Mid-Autumn Festival, the Group carefully prepares food and drinks for employees to celebrate the festival.

On Christmas, a lucky draw is held and exquisite gifts are given out to share the festive joy.

Sports Clubs
In order to enrich employees' spare time and improve their health and well-being, the Group sets up badminton, basketball, and fitness clubs, and is closely involved in the sports competitions organized by industry counterparts.

Brisk Walking
Brisk walking activities are held to promote fitness and communication in the workplace.

Sports Day
Fun sports days are organized to improve employee engagement, allows employees to have fun in sports, while enhancing happiness and improving physical and mental health.

Various Activities